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Strategic Web Design & Development for Visionary Solopreneurs

Bring your vision to the world.

Nothing sucks more than a having a site you hate

especially one you don’t know how to improve that is actively deterring your dream clients.

I would dare to say that it’s worse than having no site at all (which is still no bueno but we can fix that.)

Making an awesome first impression on the internet is crucial.
It takes about 0.05 seconds (aka no time) for your potential clients to decide if they want to hang around and learn more about you or if it’s time to peace and never come back.

I’m sure you know this first-hand too.
Whenever you look up a local restaurant or another service provider you’re thinking of working with and they have a site that is straight out of the 90s, or even 2010s, you instantly (in 0.05 seconds to be exact) make a judgement that sticks with you for years.

Even more so if their site isn’t formatted for your phone, they have a bajillion different fonts
OR you get the dreaded “This site is not secure! Do not pass go and collect the virus of the day.”

Based on a Stanford Credibility study, the visual design of a site and the way the information is presented are the 2 highest ranking factors for how credible you & your biz look online.

And those are just the statistics.

What about the real life impact on you & your business?

How many opportunities are you missing out on because you don’t have an online home to share with people?

Are you putting yourself out there or hiding because you hate your site?

Do you second-guess your decisions because they’ve led you this far and nothing is working?

How much time (and money) have you spent Googling “how to make a site”, watching unhelpful Youtube videos, buying templates that don't really work well or are too complicated to set up, or getting burned by another designer or developer?

My guess - the personal impact alone is bigger than you realize.

How are you supposed to shine and share your unique vision with the world if you’re bogged down by everything?
It’s a disservice to you and your impact on the world.

BTW Zero shame!

I get it. It’s one of the lovely mud pits on the solopreneur climb.
Grab my hand, and let’s get you out of the mud and back on the mountain.

Tough love/ reality check aside, I truly want to help your vision succeed and your website is a key component in making that happen.

When you have a curated, strategically designed site that looks great on your phone, your dream clients stay on your site long enough to get to know you and your vision. Making a positive judgement about you and what they could expect from working with you.

Sounds like a lot to put on a site huh? That’s where I come in.

What would it be like to…

Profess your love for your site from the mountain tops?
It can happen, trust me.
Share your site with everyone
Say yes to all the awesome opportunities that come your way because you are finally seen as a credible visionary and thought leader?
Read DMs and emails from your dream client on how you’re reading their minds
Feel empowered and confident in managing your website

My Signature True Code Method

To create the best website for your vision we’ll start by

Casting the Vision

We jump into exploring every aspect of your vision - what it is, who it’s for, how it wants to show up in the world. We’ll look at all those aspects because they need to blend seamlessly into each other for a magnetic and successful website.

Hunting for Gems

Once we are clear on your vision, we go on an expedition to uncover the gems in your DNA by diving deep into color, feeling and function. Your website is an extension of your brand. Your brand is how people talk and feel about you when you are not in the room. To strengthen your brand, we create consistency by pulling the feeling you want to create into your website.

Building the Map

With your vision and gems in tow, we begin building your website. I’ll create a strategic high-performance (aka fast) and mobile friendly home to drive your vision forward and reach your dream clients. My goal is to not only create a beautiful & functional website but to empower you to take ownership over your website and manage it. So that you’re not tied to me for every small edit.

"What makes this process any different from so and so’s process?"

The key is that it is YOUR vision, YOUR gems and YOUR map. Using all 3 we create your own personal playing field - because no one can be you better than you. By crafting something that is truly YOU, you no longer have to settle for a clunky website that doesn’t feel right, try to make a website theme work, copy a competitor, spend hours watching how-to videos on youtube, or feel embarrassed by your lack of/terrible website, AND getting burnt-out in the process.

I wasn't happy with my website. The vision did not come together. The website was not user-friendly, everything loaded slow, and the color palette was randomly picked. I was hoping to see my vision that I had in my head and have a professional website that will educate and help people raise awareness about the importance of Trauma-Informed Personal Training. Ksenia used all my terms and words for the website that made it so much more trauma-informed than I would've hoped for. Ksenia's professionalism is outstanding! She'll make you be part of the process. She'll ask you questions to find the perfect theme for your website. How she finds the color palette for you will blow your mind!!! She explains everything why she does things in a certain way.

The Intensive day(s) were amazing. You'll feel empowered and absolutely part of the process. I freaking love my website!!!!! Thank you so much for being an amazing listener and professional!

Gabi V | Intensive

Website Intensive

Craft your custom website and claim your slice of the internet in 2 days. Using the True Code method, we’ll map out your website quickly and spend two days crafting each page to create your best online home.

Perfect if...

You are just starting out
Want to get going ASAP
Don’t need any additional functionality (e-commerce, custom membership/course platform) or more than 5 pages
Have a smaller budget

You get...

16 hours of dedicated support
A mobile-responsive custom website with 5 pages
Site training videos
7 days of post-launch support


Starting at $3,500 CAD + tax.

In-Depth Website Journey

Transform your online presence and attract your dream clients through an in-depth collaborative partnership. We'll get clear on what you need to reach the next level, whether it's a larger website, an online store, a custom membership and course platform, or something completely unique to you. With our flexible timeline, we can collaborate on every aspect of your online home, helping you stand out as the thought leader you are.

Perfect if...

Need more functionality - online shop, membership/course platform
Need more than 5 pages
Want a longer more intimate container to craft your website
Are willing to invest
Are not on a time constraint

You get...

A mobile-responsive custom website
Site training videos
Custom deliverables and functionality depending on your needs


Custom pricing per project
Ksenia was an absolute dream to work with on my website and branding redesign. Her creativity, timeliness, transparency, communicativeness and professionalism were all a huge shift from the previous designer with whom I'd worked. Additionally, the direction that she provided throughout was so helpful for me as a first-timer! Her intuitive and beautiful design not only represents my brand, but has also translated into client retention and more ease with tracking, accounting, and analytics. Saving time and increasing profitability is a great start to any budding business, and her hand in that is undeniable with my online presence. I cannot recommend Ksenia more for your design and online marketing needs!

Emily M | In-depth journey

Frequently Asked Q's

What do you use to build the website?
I build on Wordpress and Squarespace depending on your needs.
What about domains and hosting?
I recommend that both are in your name and in your account. You can find my personal recommendations here. The cost of a domain and hosting is not included in the project price.
Are there any other additional expenses to consider?
Other than your domain and hosting, we may also need to use paid plug-ins, fonts or additional paid services. Once I know what you need, I’ll be able to provide a better estimate.
What if I am super tech illiterate?
Not a problem! That’s why you’re here right? I provide easy to follow how-to videos on managing your website and am always available to support you by email. The Website Intensive includes 7 days of tech support post-launch. The In-Depth Website Journey includes 30 days of tech support.
What if I want more than 5 pages but don’t need the additional functionality?
We can discuss which option works best on our discovery call once I know more about your needs. We can always add on additional days to wrap up the remaining pages.
What if I want to add more onto the site in the future?
Not a problem! I make sure to build your website in a way that supports future changes or additions. When the time comes, you can always reach out and we’ll discuss how to make it happen.
I have more q's that need a's
If you have a specific question or want more clarity on anything I share on this site, please reach out through our Contact Page.
What do I need to provide for a successful website?
The best results come when we combine great copy, high-quality photos and design. I highly recommend working with a copywriter and a photographer. I have recommendations and can tie both into our process. Other than that, replying to emails and providing the questionnaires and content on time is key. The more we communicate and you share your thoughts with me, the better the journey and final result.
Do you offer payment plans?
Yes, for every project you can pay in full or have the cost split into 2 or more payments, depending on the project size, with the first payment being a non-refundable deposit of 30-50%.

For Website Intensives, 50% is at the time of booking and the remaining 50% is due on the day of our intensive.

For In-Depth Website Journeys, 30% is due upfront with the remaining 70% split through our project timeline and on set dates. I use set dates for our payment plans versus milestones as life can get in the way and we want to keep the project moving.
How do I pay?
Project payments can be made by E-Transfer, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer. All options will be shown on your invoices.
Depending on where we are in the project, I’ll assess if you are eligible for a partial refund as the project deposit is non-refundable.
What happens if I need to cancel after the project has started?
We’ll always try to postpone or put the project on hold instead of cancelling so you don’t lose out on your deposit. Depending on where we are in the project, I’ll assess if you are eligible for a partial refund as the project deposit is non-refundable. Please contact me asap so we can work with you to find the best solution.

Imagine all the people that would benefit from

 you stepping into your

power & sharing your vision

I bet it’s more than you can imagine.

I'm ready

Imagine all the people that would benefit from

you stepping into your power & sharing your vision

I bet it’s more than you can imagine.

I'm ready

Ksenia & Co is a soul-led creative studio focused on bringing visionary brands to life through intuitive and strategic design. We support solopreneurs with branding, web design and development, strategy and graphic design.

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