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get the support

your vision requires

your vision requires

your vision requires

Collaborative Design Support for visionary solopreneurs

Launch your vision out into the world.

What if I need x, y, z?

Maybe you already have a killer brand and/or website - now what?

In true partnership fashion, Design Support is a catch-all for anything that doesn’t fall under your brand or website, such as email design, print materials, e-books and handouts, customizing course platforms, and presentation templates to name a few.

Whatever you and your vision need is what we will work on. Because nothing sucks more than having a brand and website you love but a wonky DIY mess for everything else. Plus I think we both agree that your precious time is better spent on your genius zone and getting your vision out there than trying to piece together a meh design or copying someone else's formula (because by know you should know, no one is you like you).

What would it be like to…

Clear up your to-do list in a day (or two) - hello free mental space
Have a designer (me) in your pocket to whip up whatever you need
Feel super confident in your brand and business because everything looks awesome and is cohesive
Never stress about your DIY socials/business card/fill in the blank sticking out like a sore thumb
Feel confident in how you and your business show up in the world, like the real professional deal
Just wanted to let you know that I've had 3 people in the last 24 hours give the website love!! One client has already signed on, but all 3 wanted to call out how much they loved the website right away. So, thank you 8 million times for the work you did on it!!!

Nikki Dindo, Spring Media

Design Days

Perfect for when you have a to-do list to tackle and you want it done yesterday. This can include site updates, creating a landing page, designing marketing materials like business cards, flyers, social post templates, etc.

Perfect if...

You need design support that doesn't fall under a new brand or full website build
Want to get going and be done ASAP
Have a list of random (or not so random) tasks you want to get off your to-do list

You get...

4 - 8 hours of dedicated support
Custom deliverables based on what you need
Your deliverables done and dusted in a day (or less)


Starting at $600 CAD + tax

À la carte

Custom visions require custom solutions. We can discuss and work on anything your heart desires (and your vision requires ;)
This can include designing your new book, adding a course/membership platform to your site, creating a beautiful and highly-effective pitch deck to get investors on board or (fill in the blank with your super cool idea).

Perfect if...

Your project needs more time than a design day or two
You prefer having time to prepare and reflect on the designs
There is more than one person who is responsible for/needs to review the deliverables
You have a custom project that needs a custom approach

You get...

Custom deliverables based on what you need
Everything needed to make your project a success


Custom Quote
As a company, we were focused on building our brand and giving our customers the best user experience. Ksenia helped create $10,000 in new revenue over a 72 hour period through her work on our presentation and webinar design. I saw a direct and immediate ROI when she began re-designing our website and webinar. She also has fantastic communication and is extremely accountable. I would highly recommend her to any company that is looking for any type of design-related work.

Madison guy, Grant Me

Frequently Asked Q's

Can we actually get X,Y,Z done in a day?
Yes, depending on what X, Y, Z are. Before booking a Design Day, we'll go over what you need help with and I will let you know what can get done in the time we have. You are always welcome to book more than one session. If we just need an extra hour, I'll bill hourly.
What's the difference between design days and À la carte?
The scope of what we can get done and the timeline. Design Days are a limited time-block where à la carte project are not limited by time and are very custom to you. Design Days are great for smaller tasks OR if you need something yesterday. À la carte projects can be as big or as small as needed and the timeline is usually longer.
Are there any other additional expenses to consider?
This depends on what you need help with. Once I know what you need, I’ll be able to provide a better estimate.
I have more q's that need a's
If you have a specific question or want more clarity on anything I share on this site, please reach out through the Contact Page.
Can i just hire you for an hour?
I mostly focus on Design Days and à la carte projects. I'm open to hourly work depending on what you need, though most times the 2 options above will be plenty. I find its a win-win as you know the cost and exactly how long it'll take and I have a set time to deep dive into your project.
Do you offer payment plans?
For Design Days, 100% due is at the time of booking.

For À La Carte projects, you can pay in full or have the cost split into 2 or more payments, depending on the project size, with the first payment being a non-refundable deposit of 30-50%. I use set dates for our payment plans versus milestones as life can get in the way and we want to keep the project moving.
How do I pay?
Project payments can be made by E-Transfer, Credit Card, or Bank Transfer. All options will be shown on your invoices.
Depending on where we are in the project, I’ll assess if you are eligible for a partial refund as the project deposit is non-refundable. Design Days are non-refundable once we have started the day.
What happens if I need to cancel after the project has started?
We’ll always try to postpone or put the project on hold instead of cancelling so you don’t lose out on your deposit. Depending on where we are in the project, I’ll assess if you are eligible for a partial refund as the project deposit is non-refundable. Please contact me asap so we can work with you to find the best solution.

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