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Zeina helps her client & guests be “free to be” through life coaching & airbnb hosting (🤞🏼luxury luggage & travel accessories coming soon!)

We created her brand in one day by  focusing on her True Code and creating a luxurious, grounded brand - pulling inspiration from retro poolside hotels.

Zeina's True Code

Using my True Code Method, we uncovered the gems in Zeina's DNA by diving deep into color and feeling with my in-depth questionnaire and personal color test, resulting in a brand that is unique to her and effortless to implement and manage.

bright, cold, crisp colors

refreshing & easy

freedom & comfort

adventure & ease

luxurious & grounded

Type Selection

For Zeina's type selection, we decided to focus on the retro hotel/old hollywood vibe to bring more character to her brand.

Main Heading



The logo for zeina ryan free to be.
Hidden gems in morocco.
A woman in a white hat is standing in the water with the words free to be.

I struggled to put my vision into something tangible. I struggled with advertising my business and didn’t know where to start. Although I have not yet begun announcing it, the branding forced me to think really hard about what I want to offer, how it will tie in together, and gave me a sense of cohesiveness. I feel so much more confident now and feel like I can take the first steps.

Thank you so much for everything! The value is very much worth the investment. The vision Ksenia came up with was far better than I could have imagined. I am beyond grateful I got the opportunity to work with you. I love the results and I am excited to share it with the world.

Zeina Ryan

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