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Gabi helps her client achieve sustainable health through trauma-informed personal training.

We created her mini brand and high-performing WordPress website in two days by focusing on her True Code. We focused on creating a welcoming and soft brand that mimics the safe space she creates in her training sessions.

Gabi's True Code

Using my True Code Method, we uncovered the gems in Gabi's DNA by diving deep into color and feeling with my in-depth questionnaire and personal color test, resulting in a brand that is unique to her and effortless to implement and manage.

soft muted colors







Type Selection

For Gabi's type selection, we landed on a combination of serif (Merriweather) and sans-serif (Poppins) fonts to keep the type simple and clean, but also grounded and timeless. It was important to use Google Fonts for the project as they are very accessible.

Main Heading



I wasn't happy with my website. The vision did not come together. The website was not user-friendly, everything loaded slow, and the color palette was randomly picked. I was hoping to see my vision that I had in my head and have a professional website that will educate and help people raise awareness about the importance of Trauma-Informed Personal Training. Ksenia used all my terms and words for the website that made it so much more trauma-informed than I would've hoped for. Ksenia's professionalism is outstanding! She'll make you be part of the process. She'll ask you questions to find the perfect theme for your website. How she finds the color palette for you will blow your mind!!! She explains everything why she does things in a certain way.

The Intensive day(s) were amazing. You'll feel empowered and absolutely part of the process. I freaking love my website!!!!! Thank you so much for being an amazing listener and professional!

Gabi Varga

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