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Harris Eddie Hill: The Importance of Clear Messaging and Intention in Business

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Today’s episode is soooo good. It was a pleasure to record and is full of soo much wisdom. I’m excited to dive in and hear your takeaways.

Today’s guest is Harris Eddie Hill, an out-and-proud non-binary podcaster, best-selling author, coach and founder of the Centre for Childhood Trauma Healing; a platform dedicated to supporting neurodivergent, queer or highly empathic adults to overcome their childhood trauma and begin to thrive.

Shortlisted for the Positive Impact and Sustainability Speaker of the Year at the Speaker Awards, Harris is passionate about demystifying healing and helping people to connect to their own ability to heal. Clients take back their power from a medical system that doesn’t always offer tangible solutions and doesn’t always educate clients on their ability to heal. Harris has survived and overcome trauma, unaccepting family members, cancer, abusive relationships, physical paralysis and mental health challenges, yet has found their way to emotional freedom and is now passing that power forward.

Today, Harris shares about their entrepreneurial journey and key moments and learning that helped them along the way. This episode was pure gold to record, I’m sure you will feel the same once you listen.


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